The Teapot is proud to present a full vegan menu. This is the second menu since we became vegetarian seven years ago. In it you will find a bigger and better selection (we hope), and a more balanced and well-rounded choice to meet every taste and need. We are still committed to offering healthy food and continually introduce innovative entrees to our menu. We strive to offer you good service in a clean, inviting and peaceful environment. We have served the Capitol Hill neighborhood for the past 15 years, and we hope to continue to do so for many more. We also have a new location in Redmond near Microsoft.

Throughout our menu you will find Pan-Asian selections from Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan and China. The owners and chefs, with 52 years of restaurant business experience, have researched and perfected these dishes for the last few years and have added them to the Teapot menu. All items are now completely vegan ie, free from milk and eggs and all animal products. To encourage others to try a vegetarian diet, we have retained entrees from the old Mandarin Restaurant Menu (our former incarnation) but have replaced the meat with high quality soy substitutes. We, however, will not compromise the taste of any of our dishes for any reasons except two: To promote a healthier diet and compassion for life. Eat and be truly merry.

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